### Classic New England Architectural Design <img src="home.jpg"> Tom Koerner has been involved in residential design, construction, and consultation for the past 25 years. With backgrounds in art, engineering, and architecture and a love of the New England landscape his expertise provides clients with direction, focus and a very competitive price point. After graduating from Williams College in 1974, and the University of Massachusetts in 1979 Tom returned to Shelburne, Vermont and began a career in architectural design and construction. He also has 20 years of experience as a member of the town's Zoning Board of Adjustment and 10 years as a member of the Historic Preservation and Design Review Board. <img src="TomProjects.jpg"><br><br> 7094 Dorset Street<br> Shelburne, Vermont, 05482<br> <a href="mailto:koernerdesign@gmail.com">koernerdesign@gmail.com</a><br> <a style="text-underline:none;" href="tel:8029858968">(802) - 985-8968</a>